Palgrave Studies in the History of Social Movements

Around the world, social movements have become legitimate, yet contested, actors in local, national and global politics and civil society, yet we still know relatively little about their longer histories and the trajectories of their development. This series seeks to promote innovative historical research on the history of social movements in the modern period since around 1750. We bring together conceptually-informed studies that analyse labour movements, new social movements and other forms of protest from early modernity to the present. We conceive of 'social movements' in the broadest possible sense, encompassing social formations that lie between formal organisations and mere protest events. We also offer a home for studies that systematically explore the political, social, economic and cultural conditions in which social movements can emerge. We are especially interested in transnational and global perspectives on the history of social movements, and in studies that engage critically and creatively with political, social and sociological theories in order to make historically grounded arguments about social movements. This new series seeks to offer innovative historical work on social movements, while also helping to historicise the concept of 'social movement'. It hopes to revitalise the conversation between historians and historical sociologists in analysing what Charles Tilly has called the 'dynamics of contention'.

Alan Kirkaldy (2022)
Everyday Communists in South Africa's Liberation Struggle
The Lives of Ivan and Lesley Schermbrucker

Alexander Sedlmaier (Ed.) (2022)
Protest in the Vietnam War Era

G. Arunima, Patricia Hayes, Premesh Lalu (Eds.) (2021)
Love and Revolution in the Twentieth-Century Colonial and Postcolonial World
Perspectives from South Asia and Southern Africa

Claas Kirchhelle (2021)
Bearing Witness
Ruth Harrison and British Farm Animal Welfare (1920–2000)

Constance Bantman (2021)
Jean Grave and the Networks of French Anarchism, 1854-1939

Mathieu Fulla, Marc Lazar (Eds.) (2020)
European Socialists and the State in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

Atdhe Hetemi (2020)
Student Movements for the Republic of Kosovo
1968, 1981 and 1997

Tommaso Milani (2020)
Hendrik de Man and Social Democracy
The Idea of Planning in Western Europe, 1914–1940

Stefano Bellucci, Holger Weiss (Eds.) (2020)
The Internationalisation of the Labour Question
Ideological Antagonism, Workers’ Movements and the ILO since 1919

Kacper Szulecki (2019)
Dissidents in Communist Central Europe
Human Rights and the Emergence of New Transnational Actors

Stefan Berger, Alexandra Przyrembel (2019)
Moralizing Capitalism
Agents, Discourses and Practices of Capitalism and Anti-Capitalism in the Modern Age

Stefan Berger, Christoph Cornelissen (Eds.) (2019)
Marxist Historical Cultures and Social Movements during the Cold War
Case Studies from Germany, Italy and Other Western European States

Prudence Flowers (2019)
The Right-to-Life Movement, the Reagan Administration, and the Politics of Abortion

Sian Edwards (2018)
Youth Movements, Citizenship and the English Countryside
Creating Good Citizens, 1930-1960

Stefan Berger, Sean Scalmer (Eds.) (2018)
The Transnational Activist
Transformations and Comparisons from the Anglo-World since the Nineteenth Century

Gonzalo Villanueva (2018)
A Transnational History of the Australian Animal Movement, 1970-2015

Stefan Berger, Marcel Boldorf (Eds.) (2018)
Social Movements and the Change of Economic Elites in Europe after 1945

Jens Späth (Ed.) (2018)
Does Generation Matter? Progressive Democratic Cultures in Western Europe, 1945–1960

Ettore Costa (2018)
The Labour Party, Denis Healey and the International Socialist Movement
Rebuilding the Socialist International during the Cold War, 1945–1951

Leilah Danielson, Marian Mollin, Doug Rossinow (Eds.) (2018)
The Religious Left in Modern America
Doorkeepers of a Radical Faith

Tamar Groves, Nigel Townson, Inbal Ofer, Antonio Herrera (2017)
Social Movements and the Spanish Transition
Building Citizenship in Parishes, Neighbourhoods, Schools and the Countryside

Ilaria Favretto, Xabier Itcaina (Eds.) (2017)
Protest, Popular Culture and Tradition in Modern and Contemporary Western Europe

Stefan Berger, Holger Nehring (Eds.) (2017)
The History of Social Movements in Global Perspective
A Survey

Bart van der Steen (Auth.), Knud Andresen (Ed.) (2016)
A European Youth Revolt
European Perspectives on Youth Protest and Social Movements in the 1980s

Christian Salm (2016)
Transnational Socialist Networks in the 1970s
European Community Development Aid and Southern Enlargement

Natalie Thomlinson (2016)
Race, Ethnicity and the Women's Movement in England, 1968-1993

Peter Ackers, Alastair J. Reid (Eds.) (2016)
Alternatives to State-Socialism in Britain
Other Worlds of Labour in the Twentieth Century

Jon Piccini (2016)
Transnational Protest, Australia and the 1960s

Juliane Czierpka, Kathrin Oerters, Nora Thorade (Eds.) (2015)
Regions, Industries, and Heritage.
Perspectives on Economy, Society, and Culture in Modern Western Europe

Tara Povey (2015)
Social Movements in Egypt and Iran

Kasper Braskén (2015)
The International Workers’ Relief, Communism, and Transnational Solidarity
Willi Münzenberg in Weimar Germany

Matthias Reiss (2015)
Blind Workers against Charity
The National League of the Blind of Great Britain and Ireland, 1893-1970

Kyle Harvey (2014)
American Anti-Nuclear Activism, 1975-1990
The Challenge of Peace

Inna Shtakser (2014)
The Making of Jewish Revolutionaries in the Pale of Settlement
Community and Identity during the Russian Revolution and its Immediate Aftermath, 1905–07

Helena Daves (2014)
Catholic Women's Movements in Liberal and Fascist Italy

Tamar Groves (2013)
Teachers and the Struggle for Democracy in Spain, 1970-1985

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