Industrial Heritage in South Wales and the Ruhr

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Industrial Heritage as factor of Identity Formation?
For those in the Ruhr Area who come across the almost omnipresent topic of Industrail Heritage, may think of events like "RUHR.2010" oder annual "ExtraSchicht". Now what are the reasons for such a boom of restructured (recycled) spaces in the Ruhr? The Ruhr Area - once one of the major locations in mining industry- stayed in the minds of most people "black lung" of Germany despite the structural change starting in the 1960s. Today the mixture of industrial past and modern contemporary art is what created the unique identity of the "Ruhr Valley".

Comarative transnational history: The Ruhr and Southwales
Likewise in Great Britain, birthplace of the industrial revolution, industrial heritage and culture shaped the regional and national identity formation. In this context this project offers the opportunity to trace industrial heritage in a transnational and compative perspective, in sope of a bilingual seminar. A five day long fieldtrip to Swansea University in Southwales - a region that played a significant role in the industrialization of Great Britain - enables to a direct a juxtaposition of research and industrial inheritance of a comparable european region. A return visit of the Southwalisian students which will offer insights in relevant industrial sites of the Ruhr area, offers furthermore the oppotunity of a immidiate comparison of both regions and enables to gain a new viewpoint of the native region.

Bachelor degree students from third semester onwards are able to chose the module in winter term 14/15 and winter term 15/16 from the optionalbereich.
An understanding of historical methods and questions, as well as an interest in comparative transnational research on industrial processes would be appreciated.
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Furthermore for students of the historical department exists the possibilty to attend seminar, fieldtrip and retrun visit as part of the "normal" curriculum of the historical institute. Just register for the seminar "Industriekultur im Ruhrgebiet und in Südwales im Vergleich". (further information)

The seminar will be hold bilingual alternately. Therefore good English skills are a precondition.

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Alrub Berger.


Bildnachweise von links nach rechts: Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, 2004 (Horst Zielske),  Trinkhalle Zeche Lothringen, Bochum 1961 (Anton Tripp), Zeche Zollverein, Schacht 12, 2013 (Marcel Doliwa).