Party cadres and working class. The Communists in West Germany 1945-1960

This research project as part of a DFG-project on "Memberships and social structures of the parties of the left spectrum in the Western occupation zones and in the Federal Republic of Germany 1945-1990" deals with communism as a social formation in heavy-shaped regions between 1945 and 1960. It explores the extent to which succeeded the Communist Party, to anchor again in 1945 in local societies and especially in a socialist workers' milieu and the restructurings at the effects of the Cold War and the internal consolidation of the Federal Republic in this context. The study will thus contribute to the problem of continuity and Ersosion provide social milieus in 1945 and eventually give information about the already by contemporaries as remarkably classified process of internal stabilization of the Federal Republic on the hitherto largely ignored local and regional level.

This project was edited by:
Till Kössler